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The CMBC delegation from Malaysia Led by Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Ramli Kushairi was received for an audience by the Minister of Health, H.E Mam Bun Heng. The purpose of the meeting was to find out and learn about the Health Care plan and business opportunities in the health care service and supply.

Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Ramli Kushairi has introduced the CMBC delegation members which consist of Tan Sri Datuk Dr, Ahmad Tajuddin Bin Ali, the Chairman of UEM Group , Dato' Ridza Adboh Bin Haji Salleh, the CEO of UEM Builders, Datuk Suhaidi Bin Sulaiman, the Deputy Chairman of CMBC, Oknha Seng Chhay Our, the Co-Chairman of CMBC in Cambodia Mr. Syed Farizal Aminy Syed Mohamad, the Acting Ambassador of the Malaysian Embassy in Cambodia. 

Tan Sri Datuk Dr.Ahmad Tajuddin Bin Ali has introduced UEM Group and its health care business which comprise of the construction of hospitals and its facilities as well as the UEM's hospital operation in Malaysia and the opportunity for nursing school in Cambodia. 

H.E Mam Bun Heng, would welcome investment in the health care sector from UEM and reassure the Chairman of UEM group to not worry on the issuance of hospital license. H.E Mam Bun Heng would welcome UEM group to undertake their feasibility study on the viability of an international standard hospital in Cambodia like the one operate by UEM in Malaysia, Cambodia is in need of international standard hospital to accommodate the whole population of Cambodia. We do not have appropriate facilities to undertake important operation here in Cambodia. The ministry of health would welcome the initiative of the Malaysia delegation to look into the health care sector. Now only 2 international hospitals from Thailand are present in Cambodia. One (1) in Siem Reap and one(1) under construction in Phnom Penh along the Russian Federation Boulevard. Cambodia does not produce enough doctors and nurses and thus would welcome the Malaysia delegation in looking into the capacity building of the medical care personnel. 

Datuk Suhaidi Sulaiman has taken the opportunity to introduce the possibility for CMBC member to supply ambulances to the Ministry of Health. H.E Mam Bun Heng has expressed his wish of getting grant from the Malaysia Government 20 units of ambulances. Datuk Suhaidi Sulaiman has inquired from the H.E Mam Bun Heng on the national budget for the health care sector, H.E Mam Bun Heng explained that the Ministry to mast of the NGO's who are working in the improvement of the health care sector. The Royal Government of Cambodia has planned for year 2008-2010 a budget of about US$400Million for the health care sector, all the budget come from major donors where about US$100M comes from the global fund in 2008.