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The CMBC delegation from Malaysia Led by Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Ramli Kushairi was received for an audience by the Phnom Penh's governor, H.E Kep Chuk Tema. The purpose of the meeting was to find out and learn about the Phnom Penh Municipal's Development Master Plan.

Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Ramli Kushairi has introduced the CMBC delegation members which consist of Tan Sri Datuk Dr, Ahmad Tajuddin Bin Ali, the Chairman of UEM Group , Dato' Ridza Adboh Bin Haji Salleh, the CEO of UEM Builders, Datuk Suhaidi Bin Sulaiman, the Deputy Chairman of CMBC, Oknha Seng Chhay Our, the Co-Chairman of CMBC in Cambodia Mr. Syed Farizal Aminy Syed Mohamad from the Malaysia Embassy, and other leading business men from Malaysia. CMBC activities include facilitation, promotion and enhancement of business and investment collaboration between Malaysia and Cambodia and to strengthen the business and investment collaboration between Malaysia and Cambodia are infrastructure development and construction, real estate, manufacturing, utilities, transportation equipment, private healthcare and other services sector. 

H.E Kep Chuk Tema told that the plan is needed to be developed by increasing the existing Phnom Penh city from 350 Km up to 758km. Building the roads surround the city is also included in the plan by targeted to the North and West side of the city, and it definitely needs to be done. 

H.E Kep Chuk Tema had emphasized that the plan would be begun in between 2010 and 2025. He also expressed his concern about the increasing of traffic jam that caused by the increasing of the number of transportation and population, and the narrow size of road is also another factors that caused to increasing the traffic in the city. 

H.E Kep Chut Tema said that the Phnom Penh Municipal has been thinking about building the road that connected to the Asian countries, especially the national road No 1. This road still needs about 20 km from Monivong Bridge to Koky Market to connect to the Asian country. For the national road number 5, it is also one the road that needs to be built. However, for the rail road system, Cambodia has not been thinking about developing it yet. 
Today, all the investors who came to invest in Cambodia have never thought about the economic crisis that has been happening in the world, said H.E Kep Chuk Tema. In contrast, they have been focusing on building the high rise building and the sister-cities such as in Camko City, Grand Phnom Penh, and Koh Pich Development Zone. 

Tan Sri Datuk Dr.Ahmad Tajuddin Bin Ali has raised the question to the Governor about the government land bank for future development in the city, the Governor has mentioned that most of the land are now private own and that the Municipality has no land bank reserved for the city development and that he advise that the investors purchase the land before starting the development of any projects. H.E Kep Chuk Tema has given the example of the Lee Yong Phat (LYP) Group who build the Prek Phnauv who have purchased from the villagers over 450ha along the road the group has invest in. The LYP group made monies mainly on the land appreciation. 

Tan Sri Datuk Dr.Akmad Tajuddin Bin Ali has also raised the question about the dirty business (the garbage's business). H.E Kep Chuk Tema has mentioned that the license for garbage collection has been granted to the Cintry Company, but the Municipality has the authority on the dumping area. H.E Kep Chuk Tema mentioned that he would welcome any proposal from the investors in the garbage business, but doubt that they could make project out of as some time ago a germen company has approach the municipality for the project which consist of burning the garbage for power, and another one which consist of a biomass project, but nothing yet concrete has yet been in place.