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Chaired by:
H.E Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Attendance :
H.E Chin Bun Sean, Secretary of States of Post and Telecommunications
Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Ramli Kushairi, Co-Chairman of CMBC, and Chairman of SMI
Tan sri Datuk Dr. Ahmad Tajuddin Bin Ali, Chairman of EUM Group Berhad
Oknha Seng Chhay Our, Co-Chairman of CMBC,and Chairman & CEO of Seng Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Datuk Suhaidi Bin Sulaiman, Deputy Chairman of CMBC, and Chairman of ISOPLAS Group of Companies
Dato' Ridza Abdoh Hj Salleh, Managing Director of UEM Builders Berhad
H.E Syed Farizal Aminy Syed Mohamad, First Secretary/Deputy Head of Mission
Mr.Jamalidin AB Rahman, Director of Aerovation Sdn. Bhd.
Mr.Wan Iskandar Bin Wan Sulaiman, Managing Director of Gelica Slipway Sdn. Bhd.
Mr. Razali Hashim, Deputy Director of SMIDEC
Mr.Sidek Harun, Director of ISOPLAS
Ms.seng Vantha, Managing Director of Seng Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Ms.Seng Marie-Eve, Business Development Director of Seng Enterprise Co.,Ltd

The CMBC member led by Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Ramli Kushairi, Chairman of CMBC Malaysia was welcomed by H.E Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior at his residence.
Tan Sri Dato' Mohd Ramli Kushairi introduced the members of the CMBC to H.E Sar Kheng and has call for his Excellency's kind advice on business opportunities in Cambodia for the infrastructure development, health care services, transport equipment, and other potential business sectors. 

H.E Sar Kheng suggestions for investments are as follow :
A) Highway from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, 2 possibilities:
            i -The existing route of NR6A
            ii -On NR6A connecting to NR5 through Kompong Chhnang where the new airport may be relocated.
B) Highway from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville(NR4) which is the main door which drive the economy in term of trade between Cambodia and the World as the main port is located in Sihaknoukville.
C) Ring road around Phnom Penh to alleviate the traffic jam in PHN.
D) Expressway connecting PHN to existing airport.
E) Unofficially, the airport may be relocated to Kompong Chhnang from his discussion with the Minister of Economics and Finance.
F) A good hospital is much demand in Cambodia and H.E will fully support any investment for an hospital. Viability will depending on Investors study on the project. A nursing School is always welcome as we have many affordable manpower to be exported from Cambodia.
G) Coastal patrol boat are needed and H.E Sar Kheng will study the proposal prepared by Gelica Slipway Sdn. Bhd. and will inform of his requirement to Oknha Seng Chhay Our. 

A verbal invitation to H.E Sar Kheng to visit Malaysia has been made by the CMBC Chairman and Deputy Chairman and H.E Sar Kheng accept the invitation from CMBC delegation in Malaysia and visit the deferent organization to better understand their activities. H.E Sar Kheng will inform oknha Seng Chhay Our Our of his schedule for the visit the CMBC delegation in Malaysia. 

The Deputy prime Minister thanks the CMBC delegation for their courtesy call and would welcome any investment from the CMBC members and would provide his full support when needed.