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Introduction of Seng Enterprise 

Seng Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a multi-field company, whose activities lie within the spheres of civil works, building and business development. The stewardship of the Company rests in the hands of the founding directors, each reputed with a proven track record in his or her respective field of business.
These directors are backed by a dedicated united team of active and highly qualified employees in their respective fields, engineering, quantity surveying, architecture, finance and management.
Together, they had brought the Company pride in competing and successfully completing numerous major projects in a highly competent and efficient manner.
Officially registered in 1995 within the Kingdom of Cambodia, Seng Enterprise has established a reputation of a stable and reliable partner with ADB, World Bank, Aupel Uref, Australian Aids, and Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD).
In 1994 the Company has been awarded by the Ministry of Public Work and Transport of the Royal Government of Cambodia as the Most Outstanding Company for the rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Cambodia among 31 local and international construction firms.

Seng Enterprise is currently engaged in projects such as Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone and Rail Way rehabilitation throughout Cambodia.


Enterprise Khmere de Construction et Equipements (EKCE)
Quebec-Canada, Angkor Import & Export, Angkor Supermarket, Asia Supermarket.
Promac Incorporated was founded and shortly after, acquired the assets of Sevico Construction Co., Inc. This led to the name change in 1990 to become Seven Seng International.
Seven Seng International created an overseas corporation which became known as SENG Enterprise Co., Ltd. with main marketing emphasis on Cambodia. Seng Enterprise Co .,Ltd. Undertaking construction, engineering and design work in private, commercial & industrial sector. In 1995 Seng Enterprise Co .,Ltd. Was duly registered within the Kingdom of Cambodia and continue its construction activities for the private and public agency.