Since its inception in 1960, Seng Enterprise Co., Ltd. has gone through major transformations in the field of business. And through all these changes, there was one more thing that Seng Enterprise made sure remained constant alongside change. And that was quality.
Quality performance, quality products and quality services. Never settling for mediocrity, always aiming for the best. This was how Seng Enterprise built its foundation. 
Since the 1990s, we've accorded significant contribution to the rehabilitation of the Kingdom of Cambodia. And in 1994, Seng Enterprise had been named by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of the Royal Government of Cambodia, as the Most Outstanding Company for the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Cambodia among 31 local and international construction firms. This only signifies that our Company is truly dedicated to producing a lasting legacy. 
As we move on, let us not falter in striving for perfection. This is the only way that we can stand the test of time and continue on with our legacy. There will always be challenges along the way. But let us never let the obstacles keep us but may it be our motivation to strive more for the best.